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A new complete automated system to reduce the consumption of natural gas and electricity throughout Residential and Commercial Properties. With our patented technology you can monitor and control the heating and cooling in every location throughout your property. Also you can monitor the efficiency of your gas and electrical equipment, including furnace A/C, heat pump, hydronic systems, boiler, water heater, refrigeration, lighting,etc.

save natural gas

40% Reduction on Natural Gas Consumption




Compatable with all types of Heating Units and many Natural Gas consuming products
Reduce consumption of natural gas by 40% eliminate shortages of Natural Gas

Master Thermostat and Software

Program your temperatures and schedules to control individual vents from the 7" color LCD touch-screen. Access your system from your PC or remotely via the internet with the computer software. The vivid LCD screen on the our Thermosat makes it easy to navigate and program. Use in conjunction with the Wireless Vents. Build your custom system today! Reducing airflow to some rooms while increasing it to the others will shorten the time your HVAC runs, saving you money! Note: We never recommend simultaneously closing off more than 40% of the vents in your home.
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Programable Thermostat
Control your level of confort without having to go walk over to your thermostat. We have a portable slave thermostat so you can adjust the temperature wherever you are
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Wireless Vent
There's always someone that's too hot or too cold in your home. Keep them happy with individual room control. The room or Master thermostat allows automatic (based on pre-programmed Master Thermostat settings) or on demand adjustment of the airflow through the motorized register vent. Use this convenient pair to control a single register vent. You can set a different temperature that's right for you or just close off a vent in a room you're not using. Build your own package which will give you more options and greater temperature control throughout your home!